camera play time

A few weeks back, when Donna had just gotten her new camera (Nikon D80) I was playing around at night in the suburbs, trying to do some star field shots.

I put the camera on a tripod and set it to the longest possible exposure (30 seconds) and found I needed the self-timer as well, so the vibrations from my pushing the shutter button would have time to die out. With the wide angle lens and this exposure time limitation, I think I did a relatively decent job on the southern cross.

Still, it would be nice to use the zoom lens and much longer exposure time to get some details. Turns out that with a remote control, you can set the camera into auto exposure mode and basically open the aperture with the first click and close it with the second one.

So I ordered a generic Nikon IR remote control from eBay (AU$1.90) which has now arrived. It's been overcast, so no sky shots as of yet, but I did a nice 40 second exposure on a broken lamp in a dark room. When the weather clears and I remember to go to Royal Park, I hope I'll have some nice pics to post to Flickr.

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