a constant irritation

For over two years now virtually every single one of my days has been disturbed by a bunch of scrap metal guys who run their business from a truck, which they park in the street outside my office window. This is a home office and it's a residential street.

The guys in question then proceed to scour the neighbourhood for scrap metal, old fridges, washing machines and all kinds of hard rubbish, which they take back to their truck and noisily dismantle (using an axe to de-gas a fridge for instance) in the nature strip outside my house over the course of a few hours. 

You can probably see where this is going.

I've tried asking them to go elsewhere - there are many non-residential streets with ample parking nearby - but have been either told to go away or plainly ignored. Other residents have asked them to go away, only to be threatened with a piece of metal.

The city council have told me that there is no legal avenue for moving them, it's apparently perfectly legal to run your business from a truck parked in the street. At worst you'll get a parking fine...

... which is my only recourse at this stage. Ring the council to have a parking inspector come and mark their tires the moment they arrive. That way, they will stay for the 2 hour parking limit at worst.


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