Epic Cadbury Fail

As is our wont, from time to time we have a bit of a chocolate pig-out, with varying brands and types of chocolate.

The latest one was extremely unsatisfying. The hazelnut Cadbury just didn't feel or taste right, so we had a look at the ingredients list on the new packaging and found that the composition had been altered.

Old ingredients
Old ingredients list

New ingredients
New ingredients list

5% less cocoa solids and - by extrapolation - probably 5% vegetable fat.

Unfortunately Cadbury, your product has now gone from "average, but acceptable" to "inedible". From chocolate to compound chocolate. We will not be purchasing it anymore. We threw out the white "chocolate" as its texture was like candle wax.

We'll be eating Lindt and Whittakers from now on. Though that's not much of a sacrifice, I think ;-)


... and I forgot to mention that it no longer contains large pieces (whole or half hazelnuts) but just hazelnut shrapnel now.

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