Keeping an eye on puppet (updated)

Having been away from home for close to two months, I was very happy that I managed to stick a lot of my system configuration in puppet before leaving.

My puppet manifests live in a git repository to which the puppetmaster automatically synchronises every 15 minutes or so. The upshot of that is that I can make a configuration change in a git repository on my netbook anywhere in the world, push that change to the master repository and have it be applied to the appropriate nodes within about half an hour. Lovely.

BackUPS with Nagios

In order to rule out a crap power infrastructure as the cause for some naughty server behaviour on a client site, it was suggested I should stick a UPS on said server, to make sure that at least the input power would be clean.

In a confusion of Andys I found a recommendation for the APC BackUPS CS 500, so that is what I got and installed.

With apcupsd installed on Debian Etch, the UPS is immediately detected and it "just works".