hardware upgrade (continued)

Hmm. It seems I was a bit too enthousiastic in proclaiming the virtues of the X3500 chip when playing UrbanTerror.

Although it manages around 50 fps (which is fine) when I run around my local server, it manages less by an order of magnitude (2 to 4 fps in a busy area) when connected to a public server, with 15 others players running around as well.

So perhaps I need to invest in a new GFX card.


Thanks to your report I'm thinking of getting a similar system (probably with the P5E-VM HDMI, the microATX version). Are you still happy with your system now you've had it for a bit longer? Apart from games, do/did you find the integrated graphics stable and fast enough for general desktop use? (Did you try compiz?)


Yup! It's rock solid and working just dandy. The integrated gfx are more than adequate for compiz. I dislike compiz for others reasons, but it does run fine on this board.

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