Data Storage and Retrieval Miniconf

Yay! My miniconf submission for 2010 in Wellington was accepted!

Hard disk. Slightly used.I will shortly get my act together and write a proper brief and a request for proposals. However, if you're frothing at the mouth with excitement and want to know if you might have a suitable topic you could speak on, here's a short list of the sorts of topics I'm looking for:

  1. Storage hardware and solutions
  2. File systems
  3. Databases (Relational and non-relational)
  4. Reliability, scalability and performance of items 1, 2 and 3

If you have a great talk that you think will fit, or a great talk that you think people interested in these topics should hear, you should stick your hand up and come speak at this miniconf.

More details to follow...


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