Seeing as the Australian governments proposed mandatory internet filter will filter all traffic on port 80, I thought it 

would be helpful to provide a Drupal module that allows you to automagically provide an alternate link to each page on a site.

Your web server should be configured to serve content on a 2nd port, beside port 80, so as to not interfere with browsing requests from users outside of Australia.

Simply download and install the conroyfilter module, enable the block and set the alternate port number in the block configuration.

An example of the output is shown at the top right hand side of this page.

Update: The module is now hosted on github.

Package icon conroyfilter.zip1.66 KB


Yup, but then I either need to buy a certificate for all my sites or have users put up with browsers that whine about a self-signed certificate. I don't really want to do either of those.

It wouldn't actually be that hard to rotate to a random port every hour and automatically update the web server and module settings as required.

The more easy ways people have of getting around that ridiculous concept, the better.

Great idea! i never actually though about something so simple as serving out on another port. And very much agreed, the more people actually half-know something about the way the internet works do stuff like this, the more and more ridiculous the filtering policy appears.

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