aggregation miniconf schedules

In the lead up LCA2010 there was some noise on the mailing list about the miniconf schedules. Specifically about where and how miniconf organisers should (be forced to) publish their schedules.

Jacinta Richardson invested a lot of time and effort in aggregating all all disparate schedules and turning them into a single table on the LCA wiki, which made life easy for most attendees. However, that still leaves the questions of schedule changes and updates.


I added the memcache module to my Drupal this morning.

Mine is a stand-alone install, so I can test it without affecting all the other ones, that run via a shared codebase.

It requires an updated PECL extension (the default one in Hardy is too old and doesn't support multiple memcache servers) and some code patching as well.  The latest version listed in the patches/ subdir is Drupal 5.8, but it runs fine on 5.14. Sofar anyway.  If you can't read this, it's possibly broken ;-)