I added the memcache module to my Drupal this morning.

Mine is a stand-alone install, so I can test it without affecting all the other ones, that run via a shared codebase.

It requires an updated PECL extension (the default one in Hardy is too old and doesn't support multiple memcache servers) and some code patching as well.  The latest version listed in the patches/ subdir is Drupal 5.8, but it runs fine on 5.14. Sofar anyway.  If you can't read this, it's possibly broken ;-)


For some time now Yarra Trams have had a little form on their website that allows you to get the arrival times for the next three trams for a specific tram service at a specific stop.

Unfortunately their site renders extremely badly on Firefox 3 and they don't provide a documented API, so the only way to get this data is to scrape it by submitting the form on their site and parsing the results.