ipocalypse (updated again)

Edit: I've added a link to a lovely zoomable map of IP address allocations to the bottom of this post.

What with the ipcalypse being well and truly upon us I thought I should see how the final IP allocation distribution has ended up. By continent, that is. The data was trivially easy to find, so I stuck it in a spreadsheet and generated a graph:

Population vs IP allocations graph

As you can see, Asia (60%) and Africa (15%) are the most populous continents. However, North America (5%) has by far the most  subnet allocations - 54%.

The "squat ratio" is simply the percentage of world population divided by the percentage of subnet allocations for each continent. To make them show in the chart I have multiplied this ratio by 10 for display purposes only. The actual number for each continent is shown below its charts.

With the established technology companies apparently not very interested, it looks like we need to be looking towards Asia, Africa and South America as the main drivers of IPv6 adoption.

Update: Per Country

I spent some time writing a few little scrapers after I posted this blog last night and grabbed per-country subnet application and population data as well. The data is not complete and the population scraper was less than optimal, but I did a cursory check and the figures look mainly reasonable now.

Below is the squat ratio per country, for the top 50 countries. I have colour-coded them by geographic region.

Squat ratio per country

The full set of data (for countries with a population of over 1 million people) is attached to the bottom of this blog.

Update: Prettily Visualised

Yay,  Gregor Aisch did a map that shows the relationship between population and IP address densities all over the world. I've included a small version here. You can find the zoomable one at visualizing.org.

IP Hogs - Mapped


Population (Continent): http://www.xist.org/earth/pop_continent.aspx
Population (Country): http://www.census.gov/ipc/www/idb/index.php
Allocations: http://www.countryipblocks.net/continents/
Map: http://www.visualizing.org/visualizations/visualizing-global-digital-divide









Note that I have no idea whether US military allocations are included in this data.


Well I guess that's the answer then. Redistribute the squatted allocations to APNIC, AfriNIC and LACNIC, and we have solved the IPocalypse. No need for IPv6 now!

Oh, wait.

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