ipocalypse (updated again)

Edit: I've added a link to a lovely zoomable map of IP address allocations to the bottom of this post.

What with the ipcalypse being well and truly upon us I thought I should see how the final IP allocation distribution has ended up. By continent, that is. The data was trivially easy to find, so I stuck it in a spreadsheet and generated a graph:

clean feed nonsense

Dear Minister Conroy,

I'm an IT professional living in Melbourne and I have been following discussions about the proposal to filter all internet traffic coming into Australia. This proposal has me both worried and somewhat bemused.

The worry stems from a lack of any clear information on what "illegal content" is and no way of determining what sites would be blocked. Support group websites? Politically inconvenient sites? Overseas news papers? Proposing such broad censorship laws in the name of protecting children is wrong. The state is not a parent.