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It's been a while since I did a blog, so after twiddling the way the front page of the site displays, it's time to post a new one.

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The Dark Doodad

clean feed nonsense

Dear Minister Conroy,

I'm an IT professional living in Melbourne and I have been following discussions about the proposal to filter all internet traffic coming into Australia. This proposal has me both worried and somewhat bemused.

The worry stems from a lack of any clear information on what "illegal content" is and no way of determining what sites would be blocked. Support group websites? Politically inconvenient sites? Overseas news papers? Proposing such broad censorship laws in the name of protecting children is wrong. The state is not a parent.

camera play time

A few weeks back, when Donna had just gotten her new camera (Nikon D80) I was playing around at night in the suburbs, trying to do some star field shots.

I put the camera on a tripod and set it to the longest possible exposure (30 seconds) and found I needed the self-timer as well, so the vibrations from my pushing the shutter button would have time to die out. With the wide angle lens and this exposure time limitation, I think I did a relatively decent job on the southern cross.